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Instantly Feel the Burn With This 4-Minute Arm and Ab Workout

Jul 22 2014 - 3:46pm

Kick your ab workout up a notch by adding weights, and you'll work your upper body at the same time. These four moves will effectively give you that burn that lets you know you worked it!

Source: Thinkstock [1]

High to Low Woodchop

We love the woodchop, and this variation is one of celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson's favorites [2].

Coordination Fly

The secret sauce in this exercise: use your abs to control your movement on the way down. Uncurl slowly instead of just letting gravity pull you down.

Plank and Rotate

No arm or core workout would be complete without the mighty plank. Twisting in this classic position fires up the core and works those love handles.

Double Crunch Pulse With Medicine Ball

The slow and controlled pulse of this exercise keeps the abs engaged throughout the set, and adding the weight of a medicine ball kicks your abs into high gear and increases the burn. If you don't have a medicine ball, use a dumbbell instead; choose a weight between five and eight pounds.

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