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Ragweed Allergies Are Upon Us

It seems like I am in a never ending allergy cycle, where the hay fever of Spring blends almost seamlessly into ragweed season. My sinuses seem to be continually fighting pollen of one kind or another. The latest culprit, ragweed, starts blooming in mid-August and the pollen grains are so lightweight that they can travel up to distances of 400 miles. It doesn't take much of this tiny pollen to wreak havoc on your system. It causes classic allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny noses, swollen, itchy watery eyes so severe that it's hard to function normally.

Ragweed season runs through mid-October in most parts of the US and to see tips on how to deal with the misfortunes this tiny pollen delivers, just


  • Nasal irrigation is a prescription free way to lessen the severity of sinus allergy symptoms. I am here to say that daily use of a neti pot can work wonders.
  • Avoid areas where ragweed plants thrive, such as ditches, roadsides, riverbanks, vacant lots, and the edges of wooded areas.
  • Keep windows closed during ragweed season in order to prevent pollen from getting into your home. Use air conditioning, which cools, cleans and dries the air. The same goes for when you are driving; use the AC and keep your windows rolled up.
  • Shower after you spend time outdoors to wash the pollen off.

Fit's Tips: With the power of the Internet at your fingertips, be sure to check the reports on pollen counts in your area.

If you're suffering let me know in the comments below because misery loves company.

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