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Red Wine May Stop Fat Cell Formation

Drinking Red Wine May Help Keep You Slim, Study Says

Great news for everyone out there who loves a big, bold red! A recent study shows that a compound found in red wine may block fat cell formation. Just another example of how wine is beneficial to your health!

As reported by the Journal of Biological Chemistry, a team out of Purdue University, piceatannol is the name of the compound you should get acquainted with. Kee-Hong Kim, an assistant professor of food science, found that the piceatannol compound actually binds itself to insulin receptors and blocks the insulin's ability to control cell cycles. By blocking these pathways, immature fat cells are unable to evolve and mature. Piceatannol could help delay the formation of mature fat cells, or even stop the formation completely. While the ongoing study is in its early stages, the findings could lead towards a method to help control fat growth in humans.

While we love a good glass of vino as much as the next girl, luckily drinking is not the only way to ingest the compound. It's also found in some of our favorite fruits like red grapes, passion fruit, and blueberries. What do you think of this study? Will you grab an extra glass of wine tonight to celebrate?

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