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Reese Witherspoon Strikes Midfoot

We have seen a many photos recently of Reese Witherspoon playing softball, and it looks like she will be running in her upcoming film, too.

It's nice to have a job that keeps you active. It also looks Reese is midfoot striker, which is good running technique. Although unnatural for some folks (like me), striking the ground with your midfoot provides greater shock absorption than heel striking, and it puts less strain on your calf muscle and Achilles tendon. A couple of years ago, I changed my foot strike and it has kept shin splints at bay. On another technical note, Reese could use a little more control in her arm swing to keep them moving more in the front back direction than swinging side to side.

To see which running celeb is a heel striker and why she should consider altering her gait, read more.

Jessica Biel is no slouch when it comes to fitness, but as sugar user syako pointed out, Jess is a heel striker. While we may be singling her out here, many people are. It feels natural for most people, especially since most of us wear very padded shoes when running. Hitting the pavement with your heel can puts you at greater risk for injury, especially to your knees. This gait pattern also sets you up for shin splints and hamstring injuries.

Do you run? Do you know where your foot strikes?

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