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Review of Daily Method Toning Fitness Class

Class Act: The Dailey Method

Strength training doesn’t only happen in a testosterone laden gym. You can get a full body workout, in a plush studio (full amenities from showers to mouthwash) doing The Dailey Method. In sixty minutes you will work all your major muscles and a lot of little ones you never knew existed.

The class begins with light marching to warm up, and then straight into arm work, using light weights and good old fashioned push ups. Stopping mid push up and holding the position is incredibly tough, especially on the third repetition. Trust me, your arms will feel worked.

Using a ballet barre to stretch and for balance while working the thighs and rear, gives the Dailey Method a dance-y feeling, which I quite enjoyed. My favorite part of the class was the 10 minute section of ab work. Elbow planks mixed in with C-curve crunches and super specific oblique work are sure to work your abs to exhaustion. The stretching sequence in the middle of class focuses on opening the hips, ending with an attempt at the splits. This class is a great complement to a heavy cardio workout regimen full of running and biking. The Daily Method will make you lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Class cost is $20 for one class, but there is a price break if you buy a package of classes.

To see how the Dailey Method differs from the Bar Method, just


Both methods of exercise involve using a ballet barre for balance and stretching. The overall concept of the movement is a few variations on micro movements with many repetitions. Both classes will work your core. The Bar Method seems a little more based in ballet and the Dailey Method has an early modern dance feel. You can channel your inner Martha Graham more than your inner ballerina at the Dailey Method. The Dailey Method studios are limited to Northern California, with one in Naperville, Illinois; but I for one hope they will be expanding soon.

Fit’s Tip: Don’t forget your socks! If you have a pair with traction bumps on the bottom you will have an easier time during some of the stretches.

Any Dailey Method fans out there? Tell me what you love about it in the comments section below.


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