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Review of the Nike+ Sportsband

Gear Review: Nike+ Sportband

I got my hands on the new Nike+ Sportband ($59) and was so psyched to start tracking my runs with it. Before you get started though, you need to download the Nike+ Sportband Utility software from the website. Then charge the Link (small black piece with the digital screen) by plugging it into your computer's USB port to charge, which takes about two hours.

If you don't have a pair of Nike+ sneakers, you'll need a holder for the sensor that sits on your laces. I use the weather-proof RunAway ($9). Once the sensor is attached to your shoe, plug the Link into the Sportband, and you're all set to go. Just hold down the top button for three seconds and it'll start recording your workout. Press the little side button and you can switch between seeing your time, distance, pace, and calories burned as you run. To end your workout, hold the top button for three seconds. Once your run is complete, the screen will go through the final stats of your run two times through.

To see if I liked the Sportband better than the Nike+ Sports Kit


Using this Sportband is much easier than the Nike+ Sports Kit because you don't have to scroll through your iPod to start, pause, and end your workout. It's also easier to see your stats because the screen is right there on your wrist. If you don't work out with music, or don't own an iPod, then you'll like the Nike+ Sportband because no iPod is needed. I just wish there was a way to look at your recent history on the Sportband, like you can when using the Nike+ Sports Kit. With the Sportband, if you want to compare this run with previous runs, you'll just have to wait until you get home and plug it into your computer. Within minutes, the data of that run is automatically uploaded to the website, and then you can compare all your workout data online.

Overall, just like the Nike+ Sports Kit, I love how the Sportband offers an easy way to track your runs and your progress. It's twice as expensive as the Sports Kit ($29) though, so if you already own an iPod, you may want to save a little dough and stick with the Sports Kit.

Nike+ Sportband

Instructions, Nike+ Sportband, and Sensor


Back of Nike+ Sportband

Front of Nike+ Sportband

Nike+ Sportband

Sensor Held by RunAway
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Join The Conversation
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 6 years
I don't run outside much. Does the band work well on a treadmill?
Renees3 Renees3 6 years
Does this work with the iPhone?!?!
runningesq runningesq 6 years
Fit, is there an advantage to this over a Garmin?
Beaner Beaner 6 years
Oooh, I love this idea since I don't listen to music while running in the woods.
Fitness Fitness 6 years
TidalWave - How clever of you!
TidalWave TidalWave 6 years
I made my own pocket for the sensor. I wrapped clear tape around the sensor then put holes in the corners to pull my laces through it. So the sensor is actually laced into my shoes. It works best if it's as close to the toe of your shoe as possible.
dubalicious dubalicious 6 years
I waaaaant. I wish I had a bday coming up.
Zulkey Zulkey 6 years
this whole things seems like sort of a racket to me.
syako syako 6 years
Me too, carmen!
xtinabeena xtinabeena 6 years
fit, do you know how accurate it is?
carmenspace carmenspace 6 years
I prefer my Garmin!
bethinabox bethinabox 6 years
This seems great. I do have an iPhone so I could use the Sport Kit, but I prefer to exercise with my iPod shuffle, so this would actually be better for me. Now if only I could get myself to actually run outside...
margokhal margokhal 6 years
Aw, I wish I'd have known that I could have used the RunAway instead of buying new Nike+ shoes! Even though my doc told me to get new shoes if I was going to run so the tendonitis wouldn't come back...they weren't terribly expensive, though - I'll suck it up! This looks like a good idea...I already have a Nano, though, so the Sport Kit would still be the best thing for me...
stargazer25 stargazer25 6 years
I want.
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