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Review and Nutrition Facts For Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Bars

5 Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bars Compared

I aim to eat fresh real food whenever possible, but early morning workouts and a rushed commute to work means I occasionally reach for energy bars on the go. My flavor of choice is peanut butter and chocolate (because how could you not love the salty and sweet combo?!) and I've tried more varieties than I care to admit. Some are protein-filled and a delight like candy, and others taste like cardboard. It's hard to pick a winner, but my recent go-to has been the Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter Bar, which packs 20 grams of protein and no added sugar but somehow satisfies my sweet tooth.

Are you a choco-nut too? Check out nutritional breakdowns and reviews of some of other popular choices.

Clearly, everyone's tastebuds, energy bar expectations, and needs differ. While bars are a handy option when you are in a pinch, replacing a meal with an energy bar isn't necessarily a good idea. Be sure to share your favorite brand in the comments and let us know what you like about it.

Bar Calories Fat (g) Sugar (g) Protein Taste Test Notes
Atkins Advantage Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bar 240 calories 12 grams 1 gram 18 grams This one is filling and low in sugar, but it houses 12 grams of fat.
Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Chunky Peanut Bar 260 calories 4 grams 6 grams 10 grams A great choice if you like chewier bars with a bit of texture.
Tiger's Milk Peanut Butter Bar 150 calories 6 grams 13 grams 6 grams The peanut butter center is a bit chalky, but this mainstay energy bar brand offers one of the lower calorie options in the flavor.
Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter Bar 240 calories 8 grams 0 grams 20 grams If you're watching your sugar intake this bar is a nice option, and the 20 grams of protein make for a filling treat.
PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar Chocolate Peanut Butter 270 calories 9 grams 1 gram, 26 grams Sugar Alcohol 22 grams This bar packs serious protein, but is a bit crumbly.
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mandyo11 mandyo11 6 years
I have never tried Think Thin bars since they do not sell them in my neck of the woods. Luna Bar makes a peanut butter cookie bar that is out of this world though. Yum.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I love the chocolate peanut butter Zing bars and I, too love Larabars! I think the Think Thin bars are disgusting, and I don't like how much sugar alcohol is in them either. Insane.
jade408 jade408 6 years
I like the lara bars and they are my go to energy bars. They are lower in protein, but 100% real ingredients: fried fruit, nuts and spices. The peanut butter chocolate chip is yummy! And of course you actually get a fruit serving too.
Sarah10563 Sarah10563 6 years
I like the taste of Think Thin bars but the "low sugar" is only because they have a high sugar alcohol content which our bodies don't like. Kashi has a good peanut chocolate bar weighing in with only 180 calories and less than 10 g of sugar, and low in fat.
SeptemberLights SeptemberLights 6 years
I love Think Thin bars!
kimretta kimretta 6 years
That Think Thin one is my favorite, too! My only complaint: I hate the name. I always feel slightly embarrassed to buy them!
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