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Review: iStik iPod Holder

Having not upgraded my armband iPod holder when I upgraded my iPod, my workout wear has been limited to pants, shorts and running skirts with pockets to hold my beloved music player. Heading out for a run shouldn't be a fashion dilemma, so I tried the new iStik ($27). Using powerful magnets embedded in a hard plastic face plate, you can put your music wherever you want it. I found the best spot for the iStik to be on the top of my pants, but you can really stick your iPod anywhere with this simple product.

The iStik is made of three pieces: a clear face plate and a backing with magnets, these two pieces encase your generation two or generation three iPod, and a magnetic fastener. All you do is place your encased iPod where you want it, and put the magnetic backing on the other side of your clothes at the same spot. Voila, your iPod is stuck in place by the magnets. Work out hands free, and the magnets don't interfere with the function of the iPod. You can purchase an iStik directly from the iStik website.

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