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Ricky Gervais Refuses to Exercise in Public, Do You?

Speak Up: How Do You Feel About Working Out in Public?

Some of us use the crowds at the gym to motivate us to exercise harder, while some of us get paralyzed by exercising in front of other folks. In a recent interview, Ricky Gervais said that he just bought a house with a gym in the basement, not because of convenience, but so he never has to exercise in public. His sentiments lead me to think about my friend who basically only uses exercise videos to work out because she has the same reservations as The Office creator.

Me, I am not one to worry about what others think, though I do save some of my "hip-thrusting" moves for home workouts. I know my pal and Gervais are not alone here, so what are your thoughts about exercising in public. Does it motivate you or mortify you? Or are you indifferent? Speak up and share your thoughts below.


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