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Rowing Machine Do's and Don'ts

Rowing Machine Do's and Don'ts

You've seen it laying on the floor at the gym and you've also seen others get on and go, so should you workout on the rowing machine too? You may be a little intimidated by the rowing machine, but did you know that it is a great aerobic workout that targets the upper and lower body muscles?

Here are the DO's and DON'Ts of using a rowing machine to get you started:

  • DO: Make sure that your heel is resting comfortably against the base of the foot pedal and that the strap is secured.
    DON'T: Row barefoot.
  • DO: Set the resistance at low if you're a beginner.
    DON'T: Row on high resistance until you've got form figured out.
  • DO: Sit up straight (your back should have a slight natural arch) and bend forward at the hips.
    DON'T: Arch your back or hunch over your shoulders.
  • DO: Keep your elbows tucked close to your side.
    DON'T: Allow your elbows to raise up as high as your shoulders.
  • DO: Alternate between overhand or underhand to decrease arm fatigue.
    DON'T: Use one arm at any time.
  • DO: Push with your legs to minimize back strain.
    DON'T: Use your back to pull the bar.
  • DO: Bend your arms as you pull on the bar until your elbows pass behind your torso and the handles are about an inch from your stomach.
    DON'T: Bring your legs or arms to full extension.
  • DO: Use the rowing machine if your back is completely healthy.
    DON'T: Use the rowing machine if you have a history of back problems.


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