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SKORA Running Shoes Review and Shopping

Meet SKORA, the Barefoot-Running Shoes That Won Us Over!

Our FitSugar team loves SKORA's running shoes because they are flexible, lightweight, and rewrite the playbook for barefoot-running fashion. These women's running shoes come in two styles, and we love them so much, we're giving you free shipping when you purchase a pair! Since SKORAs run large, when ordering, make sure to buy a half size smaller than your traditional fit.

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If you're looking for a lightweight, stylish running shoe, these running shoes by SKORA really re-write the playbook on barefoot running fashion. Anna, I understand you and the FitSugar team love these shoes. We love the SKORA shoe, Brandi. It is such a nice lightweight shoe, and very bendable. I love how it feels on the foot. Very, very comfortable. It has a nice kind of curved profile on the forefoot and the heel. So I feel like my toes can get a nice spread out feel and my heel sits nicely into the shoe. Super comfortable. It's also made of a goatskin leather and has a sheepskin lining, so quality is super high, which I really love. Because if I'm going to invest in a shoe, I want it to last for more than a couple months. Well, what I love about these shoes is they feel so good when you're running, or even walking. Yeah. And they're really great for training, or high hiking because they have that flexibility. Oh, absolutely. But if you really like that barefoot feel, you can even take it a step further and remove the insert. Totally. And really get that flexibility that a lot of people like when they're doing that natural running. The barefoot running is super huge right now and, I mean, this really gives you that feel. These also have a nice--this style here--has a nice Velcro strap. So you can undo it here, make it looser if you have a wide foot. But, like, for me, when I'm running in it I like to give it a little tightness because I have a narrow foot, and it feels so good on my foot when I'm running in these shoes, it's like "wow," it's just a natural gait. Now I really appreciate the philosophy behind SKORA about this "real running," can you kind of explain their belief and how it goes into play when they're making these shoes? Yeah, the "real running," the idea behind that is that when your foot hits the ground, it 's gonna hit the forefoot or the middle of the foot, we call it. You know, it's not gonna hit the heel because more so you're going to land and create impact right there versus the heel which is gonna be force of jolt through the body more. You want a natural gait. So this is way better for performing, feels so much more natural when you're running. So what kind of exercises do you like to do when you're wearing your SKORA shoes? SKORA shoes, great for just casual wear because they're so much cuter than the barefoot shoe. And it's great for training in the gym or running, so it's so multipurpose, great investment. What I love about these shoes is that they already feel worn in when you buy them. If you're looking for a lightweight running shoe, these are really great because because they kind of replaced three shoes. Yes, exactly. These are really an investment in your health, and I know I tend to spend a lot of money on my stilettos, shoes that aren't very good for you. Exactly. But, it's really nice to find a really great shoe. And these SKORA shoes actually come in two styles, two different colors, and when you purchase them through PopSugar shop, you're actually gonna also get free shipping, so you can't beat that. Oh no, that's awesome. Anna, thank you so much for being here. Yes, let's go for a run! I'd love that! Let's try that out. Thanks so much for watching. I'm Brandi and we'll see you next time on PopSugar Shop.

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