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Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Regular Table Salt

You Asked: Confused About Salt?

You're asking and I'm answering . . .

"I usually use sea salt because I thought it was healthier but now I am reading that it's not — I thought it had less sodium or something. It's way more expensive than regular salt, so should I switch back?"
- Salty Sara

Good question! To see my answer then


Salt, no matter what prénom you give it is still just salt and all salt has the same amount of sodium (sodium chloride). The real difference between the two is that sea salt comes from seawater through evaporation and table salt usually comes from rock salt, which is mined from mineral deposits. Here's why sea salt gets its health claim: sea salt doesn't contain iodine or any other additives, while table salt does. So in the end it's really a matter of preference of taste, texture, and if you care about additives or not. So if you're looking to skip the additives then you may opt to pay more for sea salt, but as far as sodium is concerned it's all the same. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Kosher Salt also does not contain additives and contains the same amount of sodium as sea salt and table salt.

This leads me to remind you that the RDI of salt, no matter the type, is 2,300 mg, or one teaspoon, at the most (though some think it should be more like 1,500 mg). I personally like to use sea salt because I think the taste is more prominent, which means I tend to use less of it.

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