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Shake and Bake: 6 Moves For Your T-Day Cooking Marathon

Everyone I know is working out their Thanksgiving Day menu. Since many of us will be stuck in the kitchen a good portion of the day, it makes sense to think about working out while cooking. While I love cooking, hunching over a stove and cutting board all day long make my body sore. Aside from dancing around the kitchen, I like to add some strength training into my cooking time. It helps keeps my energy up as well as keeping my body from aching. Since cooking is really all about multitasking, here are some moves to try between chopping potatoes, onions, and herbs.

  • Reverse Lunges: Place your hands on the counter and step backward coming into a deep lunge so both knees are at, but not beyond, a 90 degree angle. It's so convenient that the counter just happens to be right in front of you to help with balancing.
    Do: 8 on each side, twice
    Works: Glutes, hamstrings
  • Heel Raises: Once again using the counter for balance, just rise up onto your toes to work your calves. Lower your heels and repeat. Let go of the counter to challenge your sense of balance and work your core.
    Do: 12 reps, twice
    Works: Calves, core
  • Counter push-ups: Place your hands on the counter and walk your feet away from the counter until your shoulders are even with your hands. In this position bend and straighten your elbows.
    Do: 15 reps, twice
    Works: Chest, arms

There are a few more moves, so


  • Pendulum kicks: Using the counter to help maintain your balance, raise your right leg to the side as high as you can, keeping the movement in your hip joint and not your back. Bring that leg down and lift the other leg. Keep alternating legs.
    Do: 12 sets, twice.
    Works: Glute medius, outside of leg
  • Dishwasher squats: Take care of your back and work your legs and glutes while you load your dirty dishes and unload your clean ones. This really is a back saver!
    Do: 12 reps, twice
    Works: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves

  • Kitchen sink stretch: Whenever you need a break during your cooking marathon, go over to the sink and stretch your lats, shoulders, and back.
    Hold for 15 to 20 seconds, switch sides
    Stretches: Back and lats

Do you exercise in your kitchen? Please tell me that I am not alone.

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