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This Should Wake You Up: Caffeine's Not Dehydrating

This Should Wake You Up: Caffeine's Not Dehydrating

It seems like "coffee" has a new PR agent. This simple drink, blamed for many illnesses and diseases in the past, is starting to get a healthful reputation.

The latest good news about java - caffeine doesn't promote dehydration. Add to that the fact that caffeine might actually help you exercise longer and you have a double shot of good news.

After reviewing more than a dozen studies, Lawrence Armstrong, of the Human Performance Laboratory, concluded that moderate caffeine consumption (up to about 500 milligrams a day) did not adversely impact exercise. While caffeine is a mild diuretic, meaning it briefly increases urine production, moderate amounts are not enough to interfere with a workout by causing excessive fluid loss. Dehydration is about the balance of fluid intake and fluid loss.

These previous studies also suggest that caffeine may even boost performance during activities lasting longer than 30 minutes by enabling exercisers to work out longer. Although the reasons for this effect are still unclear, but one theory is that caffeine helps the body turn fat into fuel for longer workouts.

This news doesn't not mean you should fill your camelbak or water bottle with an iced latte. If you are sweating you need to pay attention to the amount of fluids you have lost and replace them as needed. This does mean, however, that you can enjoy a cup of joe before your morning workout.

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