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Simple Cure for Jellyfish Sting

You are at the beach and a jellyfish stings you. Quick what household item should you apply to the wound to stop the stinging?

Fresh water?
Meat tenderizer?
Rubbing alcohol?

To find out which remedy will help

The answer is vinegar! Believe it or not, dousing the injured flesh with vinegar, after removing any stray tentacles, not only alleviates the sting, but also can completely prevent the release of more venom. It is the acid in the vinegar that does the trick. You should know that rinsing a sting with fresh water is a bad idea, because the change in pH between saltwater and fresh water can prompt the release of more venom.

Now if you have the unfortunate luck of being stung by the jellyfish's more dangerous cousin, the Portuguese man-of-war, you might require more than vinegar for a treatment. If you are experiencing muscle pain, shortness of breath, backache and hives, you should seek serious medical attention.


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