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Skater Steps

Get It Up, Your Heart Rate That Is: Skater Steps

I've been really into running (and walking) stairs lately, but it can get a little tedious so I found a way to switch it up while still doing the stairs. All you have to do is add Skater Steps into your workout. Here's how:

  • Stand facing stairs.
  • Start by stepping your right foot onto the right edge side of first step.
  • Then push off of your right foot and step onto your left foot to the left edge side of next step. You should feel like you are speed skating.
  • Now keep alternating sides all the way up the stairs.

To see how I incorporate skater steps into my own stair workout, just


*Use at least one or two flights of stairs, or more if you're up for the challenge.

00:00-05:00 Walk up and down to warm up
05:00-07:00 Run up and down
07:00-10:00 Skater steps up and run down
10:00-12:00 Run up and down
12:00-15:00 Skater steps up and run down
15:00-20:00 Walk up and down to cool down

Skater Steps are a great addition because they target the outside of the leg and hip, ensuring that you get a fuller workout since stairs tend to work the front and back of your legs. Try it next time you climb the stairs!


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