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Skim Milk Straight From The Cow

New reports are telling tales of greener pastures filled with herds of cows producing skimmed milk.

Right now the process of getting skim (or non-fat) milk involves removing fat from the milk. Many feel this leaves an unsatisfactory taste and lots of fatty waste. Scientists in New Zealand have discovered that some cows have genes that give them a natural ability to produce skimmed milk and plan to use this information to breed herds of milkers producing only skimmed milk. The approach may also be used to breed cows that still produce full-fat milk but with only the good fats (unsaturated fats), which could bring full-fat milk back into the spotlight. I'm not a big butter user, but they also want to use special cows to produce butter that spreads right out of the refrigerator.

Unfortunately a commercial herd on skim milk cows is not expected until about 2011 so until then, if you're a milk drinker, it's back to regular old milk from regular old cows.


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