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Skinny Jeans Compressing Thigh Nerve and Causing Tingling Sensation

Skinny Jeans Causing Tingling Thighs

For healthy, normal-sized woman, skinny jeans are not a welcomed fashion statement. Aside from paining a woman's self-esteem and making many feel the need to lose weight, new research shows that skinny jeans also cause physical pain. Constant pressure from the tight denim jeans cuts off the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve create the nerve condition meralgia paresthetica, known in layman's term a bit more descriptively as "tingling thigh syndrome." The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve runs from the outside of the pelvis and through the thigh. When compressed, it causes a numb, tingling, or burning sensation along the upper leg.

Tingling thigh syndrome is more common in construction workers who wear heavy work belts, pregnant women, or those who are obese. Over the past few years though, more and more healthy women are complaining of symptoms due to their tight skinny jeans. High heels, often worn with these jeans, compound the issue since they tilt the pelvis forward, increasing pressure on the nerve. Fortunately, there's little risk for causing permanent damage, but the sensations may inspire women to switch to looser-fitting pants. Tell me, have you ever experienced numb or tingling thighs from your jeans?


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