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Is Snoozing in Yoga Class OK?

When I take a yoga class, especially in the evening, I guess I'm pretty tired by then after waking up early and working all day. So a little yawning here and there is pretty common for me, and I'm sure it is for you too, but what about falling asleep? The final resting pose at the end of class called Savasana (Corpse pose) can last two minutes or 15 minutes or more. If it's dark, and there's quiet relaxing music playing, and someone is giving me over ten minutes to just lie there, then forget it. Falling asleep is inevitable.

When I take or teach class, I think falling asleep is a great thing. It means that you've completely let go of your body and your thoughts, and it's a sign of complete relaxation. It also means you've worked really hard physically exerting yourself, so who can blame your body for trying to re-energize itself?

I'm OK with students falling asleep in my yoga class because people have different needs and personalities. Some people are sleep-deprived or not feeling well, and others have the gift of being able to fall asleep within minutes of lying down. Allowing people to do what comes naturally to them is what yoga is all about. Although you should know that some instructors feel that Savasana is a yoga pose that you need to have complete awareness in, which means that sleeping in their class is a no-no.

Fit's Tips: If you tend to snooze in Savasana, talk to your instructor before class to see how they feel about it. If they're completely against it, you may want to find yourself a different teacher.


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