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Speak Up: Do You Agree With "Fat Tax"?

Speak Up: Do You Agree With "Fat Tax"?

There has been much discussion over a so called "Fat Tax" - a tax on salty, sugary and fatty foods in Britain. A Fat Tax could save thousands of lives each year, but it's going to cost you as a consumer. The proposed Fat Tax would raise average weekly household bills by 4.6 percent -- Yikes! (This reminds me of the cigarette taxes that were imposed a few years ago.)

Personally, I think it makes sense that we should pay less for healthy (and organic) foods and more for unhealthy foods, which seems to be the exact opposite of what happens now. Raw organic almonds are how much a pound these days? So what's your opinion? Would paying more for foods high in fat and sugar discourage you from buying them? Or do you feel it is a violation of your rights? Speak up and let me know in the comments section below.

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