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Speak Up: Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Mother's Day may be about bouquets and Hallmark cards, but this year the holiday inspired some thoughts about mothering, the things I learned from my mom, and what I hope to teach my two girls.

My love of baking comes directly from my mother. It is this love of baking that partially inspires me into motion: running, biking, swimming. When my girls were both small, I decided I wanted to teach them by example how to lead a healthy life. That fruits and veggies are delicious. We snap beans and peel veggies together. When they ask, “What fruit is for dessert” my health-conscious heart just melts. I want my daughters to see that working out is not a chore or a luxury, just a part of life. I love answering, “yes” when my little one finds me stretching postrun in the early morning and asks, “You run, mommy?" Then she helps me with what she calls “stretch-ups.” We play yoga studio together, and my eldest has mastered full lotus, an accomplishment beyond the ability of my knees. They have cheered me on at every race and I can’t wait to return the favor.

Tell me what healthy habits did you learn from your mom? What healthy habits are you trying to teach your kids?

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