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Sexy and Sporty: 11 Stylish Bikini Tops That Hold It All In

Jun 17 2014 - 3:38am

Lounging all day at the beach might be your speed, but anyone who's fallen out of a bikini can tell you, they wish they'd thought their top choice [1] through. If you're going to be active at the beach this Summer, click through the following trendy picks to inspire smart swimwear beyond the standard triangle top.

Additional reporting by Aemilia Madden

Source: Thinkstock [2]

This beautiful and bright Mara Hoffman Basket Weave Bikini Top [3] ($118) is fun and colorful. The design has flattering lines, while a thick strap across the back makes sure everything stays in place.

The bold color of this Milly Antiqua Underwire Top [4] ($74, originally $105) takes this bustier-inspired bikini to the next level. It's a flattering look on land that will keep you feeling confident when you're in the water.

The high-quality design of Prana yoga tops carries through to its Zira Bikini [5] ($40, originally $59). The colorful cross-back design and scoop-neck top are perfect for any day at the beach, whether it's very active or all about relaxation.

The simple cut of the Clover Canyon Bikini [6] ($77, originally $98) top makes it look like any sports bra, but the graphic print and front zipper will make the entire suit a splash at the beach.

The sporty-chic VPL Swim Bikini Top [7] ($155) shows off more tummy than a tankini, but it also has plenty of coverage for someone who isn't a fan of a teeny bikini.

This pineapple-print Topshop Bustier Bikini [8] ($68) is fun and flirty without showing off too much skin.

The top of the Athleta Torpedo Bikini [9] ($54) fits just like a sports bra. The sleek and stretch top keeps your bust contained, while a splash of neon keeps the look fun.

With thick straps to keep you feeling supported and a sweetheart neckline that keeps your bust contained, the Billabong Gypsy Bustier [10] ($39, originally $48) is a fun and flirty style that still leaves something to the imagination.

For a conservative suit that will have you gliding through the water, try the Aqua Sphere Sirka Two Piece [11] ($75). With cross-back straps for free movement and a tight fit, you will slice through the water like a pro.

For a look that is a little bit looser than a traditional fitted top, try this Roxy Making Waves Tankini [12] ($46). The flowy top looks stylish without showing too much skin, making it a great choice for surf days!

If you're planning on an active day in the water, this Speedo Bikini [13] ($54) will help ensure that everything stays exactly where it's supposed to be.

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