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Spring Running Tip: Set a Goal

Maybe you're new to running, or maybe you've been running for years. Whatever your experience is, everyone can benefit from setting a goal. Try to make reasonable goals that you know you can someday attain. They should be challenging enough to make you work hard, but not so difficult that they'll never be achieved. Here are some ideas for personal goals you can set for yourself.

  • Run a specific distance: Maybe you have a goal that every time you run, you go for 1 mile, or 3 miles, or 10 miles. However far you choose to run, start off with a doable distance and then gradually work your way up.
  • Run for a specific amount of time: If you are just starting out, set a goal of let's say 5 minutes. As you run more often and build up your endurance, you can increase the amount of time.
  • Run at a certain pace or run faster: For some people, speed is important to them. You can challenge yourself to run faster at a consistant rate.
  • Run to burn calories: If you're running to lose weight, you may want to measure how many calories you're burning each time. You can set a goal, so that each time you run, you burn X amount of calories. The Nike + iPod that works with an iPod Nano will tell you how many calories you've burned per workout. Some pedometers and heart rate monitors may also give you that kind of info.
  • Run to raise your target heart rate: Maybe you're running to improve your heart health and circulation. You may want to purchase a heart rate monitor to measure how hard your heart is pumping.

Want to see the other goals? Then


  • Run more often: If you have a running regimen that involves running once a week, you may want to run more frequently, and increase your running to two or four times a week. Make sure you can fit it into your work or family schedule.
  • Train for a race: This year I'm setting the goal to sign up for a 10K. There are tons of races, half-marathons, and marathons out there — just check the races in your area to find one that's right for you.

Fit's Tip: Keep track of your workouts and your goals with a fitness journal.


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