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Spring Skiing and Riding

I know snow is a weird topic to bring up now, but in certain parts of the world, spring hasn't quite sprung. Many of the mountains are still covered in snow, so this weekend might be the last time to snap on your skis or board and hit the slopes.

For some, spring skiing and riding is better than winter skiing because there has been tons of snowfall, the skies are clearer, and the air is warmer. There's nothing more exhilarating than flying down the mountain in a t-shirt.

Here are some tips to keep you safe and happy:

  • Get some spring clothes. I know this seems obvious, but if you wear your heavy winter coat, snowpants, mittens, and base layers, you'll overheat and sweat profusely. This will make your clothes wet, and that will inevitably make you cold and uncomfortable.

    Get yourself a lightweight waterproof jacket to wear over a thin fleece jacket and short-sleeved wicking shirt. You can probably ditch the base layers altogether, and some people just wear lightweight mudpants instead of bulky snowpants.

    If you have glove liners, you can use them, or get yourself some lightweight mittens. Also, get yourself a cute spring hat - no need for one that's fleece-lined.

Want to hear the other tips? Then

  • Wear thinner socks. You don't want your feet to sweat because then you could get some nasty blisters.
  • Wear protective sunglasses. Not only is the sun's reflection on the snow blinding, but it can also damage your eyes.
  • Wear sweatproof sunscreen. Since your skin has been covered all winter long, you want to protect your sensitive skin from getting burned by the bright spring sun. Apply sunscreen to your face and arms before you head out. That way, when you start to get hot and peel layers, your arms will already be lubed up.
  • Get your skis or board tuned up for spring. A spring wax will make your ride much smoother.
  • Be extra careful. The snow might not be as deep, and certain areas may have melted down. Be on the lookout for exposed rocks, baby trees, and sticks.
  • Bring a backpack. Whether you keep it in the lodge or on your back, when you get hot, you'll want a place to stuff all your extra layers. Pack an extra long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirt and socks just in case the ones you're wearing get wet.

If you have any other tips, feel free to share them below!

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