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Stacy Keibler Ab Bikini Workout | Video

Try This Bikini-Abs Series From Pink and Stacy Keibler's Trainer!

It takes more than just crunches to create a strong core and toned abs. Trainer Juliet Kaska has worked with Stacy Keibler and Pink, so she knows a thing or two about keeping the midsection tight. Press play to learn five abdominal-toning moves Juliet uses with her celeb clients. They're tough but fun! Try them on your own, and let us know your favorite move.

Be sure to check out Stacy's full-body burn routine too.

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Juliet Kaska has trained celebrities like Pink and Stacy Keibler and she knows a thing or two about rock hard abs. Today, she's gonna show us five moves to keep your core bikini ready. All you need is a pair of five pound weights. So, Juliet, what's the first move? Okay . So here we go. We're gonna step into a lunge, bring your left foot forward, and right foot back. Sink down into a nice deep 90 degree angle lunge, and bring your right arm right up in front of your shoulder, elbow out to the side. On the exhale, squeeze your abs, step up, press the weight overhead and bring your knee up to your chest. Good. And then bring the arm down, decelerating and step the right leg back. Deep lunge, and exhale. Tighten the belly and press it up. If you press that right arm up, your body is gonna wanna tilt. Okay, so you have to work your obliques. Exactly, so you're really working those right obliques there. This is called a plank roll. Okay. Okay. And with momentum it gets harder and harder and more challenging to your core. Okay. The come-down your form for traditional plank, which I'm sure you're familiar with. A master act, right? Yes. So this is position one. I'm gonna hold you for the first one. Okay. On your exhale, rotate up on straight arms, stacking your left leg up then come all the way into a side plank. Yup, that's perfect. Hold it right there. And then roll back down into a plank. And then rotate onto the other side, and hold for a count and back to plank. And up onto your right side, roll it and feel it down You have to really work. Exactly. I like that. So the faster you get with it, or the more comfortable you get, the faster you go and the speed is actually going to challenge your core even more. Alright, Anna. Are you ready for our next exercise? I'm ready, Julia. That last one was tough. Well, this one is not going to get any easier for you, it is a waist cincher and it is perfect for your bikini body. Love it. You're going to add in a five pound weight. Okay. And you just hold it on you for a moment, right. on for your sternum like this. Great. And then roll back on to you sternum right at the small of your back. Good. So you feel supported? To make it a little harder lets just put your toes on the ground and lift your heels up a little higher. You just sort of rest the toes here. Like that, good job. And then bring your elbows out to the side and hollow out your abs nice and deep into a c shape, and then exhale twist to your left and drop your elbow down to the left and look over it. Good, nice. Inhale back through center and exhale twist towards me. Good. So, let's exhale twist to the left. Good. Tip of the toes help to balance you. And then twist to the right, exhaling on the twist, going deeper into that waist cinching. You're gonna lie down on your back. Okay. We're going to bring out our five dumbells again. And place these in your hand, we're gonna set up just like a traditional chest fly, so arms start over your head. Good. Softness in the elbows, there's a slight roundness. And let's bring both legs up to what I call tabletop in Pilates at a 90 degree angle. You're gonna bring the arms down to the sides, light softness in the elbow, and on the exhale just bring the arms up just like a traditional fly. And at the top you're going to curl up pushing your way to the ceiling and stretch the legs out in front of you. Good. Control it on the way down, when your head touches, open the arms to the side. Making sure not to let the upper arm rest and repeat. Exhale. Push up to the ceiling. Good. Extend the legs. And control it all the way down and open. And one of the keys to this exercise is the down, right. Gravity. Go slowly. Exactly. Gravity just wants to yank you back down. Right here, it's like fight the fight, good. Love it. You put up a good fight. So we just need to pull a little more out of you. Okay. Alright . So actually you're in the perfect position. Okay. Just lie your head down and rest it on your arm. So with all of the strength in your right arm I want you to press into the ground, squeeze your left abdominal then and press your body up. Good. Now controlling it as you lower down, again you don't want just let gravity pull you down. Pause right there and then exhale, press it again tightening up that waist line. Good. Trying to keep the legs squeezed together. Okay. Lowering down. Good. Low, you feel that tricep burning, right, and the abs pull up, and lift. Yes. Good. We're going to go right into an advance move you ready? So go down, extend the right leg out, this time lift, contract your right obliques and lift the leg and then lower down together. Great. Exhale. Lift it up. Squeeze. I feel this through my arms, my obliques, my glutes. Okay, thank you so much Julia you are awesome. If feel like I got a great workout today. Do you feel like you have your bikini core ready? Yes, absolutely. Great, well thank you so much for having me, it was a great pleasure to train you today. You're welcome. And we'll see you next time on FitSugar TV, thanks for watching.

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