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Starbucks: Testing 2% Milk

Ordering a drink at Starbucks can be so tricky - I still do not have a handle on their sizing. Why not just use small, medium and large like everyone else?

Well the huge coffee chain might just be making the ordering process a little easier - at least when it comes to the kind of milk they use. Starbucks is going to test 2% milk as the default milk customers get when ordering a drink, as opposed to whole milk. This will cut the fat intake of each drink significantly. They are trying the switch at about 300 stores in four key markets: Orange County, California; Jacksonville, Florida; Oregon; and London, Ontario.

I still think it is better to go even lower than 2% milk fat and choose 1% milk (a.k.a. low fat) or non-fat when ordering a latte and to steer clear of all those fancy seasonal mochas. Starbucks does seem to be trying to change its reputation towards a healthy coffee joint. I would love to see this change happen all over the country.

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