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Stay Fit by Splurging?

If you've ever been on a low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar diet, you know too well that it doesn't last because you end up going crazy obsessing over the things you can't have. Then you give in and all your healthy habits go out the window. So this new tidbit of research should offer some hope. It turns out that cheating a little and straying from your nutritious ways can actually help you lose weight. The thing you need to learn is how to cheat smart. That means eating healthy most of the time, but allowing yourself to savor treats, such as a piece of dark chocolate — not the entire bar — every so often. Also remember to snack between meals instead of waiting until dinner. Otherwise, you'll become so ravenous that you'll polish off half a pizza on your own. Snacks should be 200 calories or less, and choose ones that are high in fiber because they'll fill you up. Eating throughout your day and indulging moderately on treats will prevent you from feeling deprived, so you can stick to your healthy ways most of the time and prevent unwanted weight gain.

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