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Stop Shin Splints in Their Tracks

If you run, chances are you have suffered through shin splints and it is no fun. There’s the physical pain to contend with as well as the pain of having to take time off when you are on a roll. To prevent as well as treat shin splints you need to do two things – stretch and strengthen the area. Here’s what you do.

  • Stretch: Keep your calves, feet and ankles flexible. Stretch them daily, even if you don't run that day.
  • Strengthen: To strengthen your shin muscles, lean your back against a wall with your feet flat on the floor, 8 to 10 inches from the wall and lift toes up towards shins and slowly lower down. This works the shins and calves. cautions that you never do this strengthening exercise before you walk or run. The best time to do it: after your workout or just before bed.

Fit's Tip: If you are training for a long race and starting to increase your mileage, do this exercise. Most injuries occur when the weekly mileage starts to increase. Take care of your shins and they will take care of you.


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