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Stretch It: Iliotibial Band on the Wall

When you run, bike ride, or do anything that uses your lower body, it's important to stretch your leg muscles thoroughly. One area that may need a little attention is your Iliotibial band (ITB). This is a long band of fascia (connective tissue) that runs along your outer thigh. Stretching this area will help prevent knee injury or pain, and you can do it anywhere there's a wall. Well, you could even use a tree if running outside.

To learn how to stretch your ITB


  • Stand with your right side facing a wall and your feet together. You should be one arm's length away.
  • Extend your right arm out and place the palm of your hand on the wall, and rest your left hand on your hip.
  • Now lean your right hip towards the wall. Gently press your left hand into your hip to deepen the stretch. You should feel this down the outside of your right leg.
  • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, just enjoying the sensations in your right leg. Then bring your hips back over your feet and do the other side.
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