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Sweat May Spread Hepatitis B

This news isn't good. In a study of Olympic wrestlers, the hepatitis B virus was found in the sweat of infected individuals. This means that if anyone comes in contact with that sweat, and then it enters your bloodstream through broken skin or mucous membrane they could contract the virus.

The same goes for blood and other bodily fluids. Dr. S. Bereket-Yucel, from Celal Bayar University in Izmir, Turkey, tested for the hepatitis B virus in blood and sweat samples from 70 male Olympic wrestlers. 9 people already had the virus in their blood, and the tests found that the virus was found in the sweat of 8 out of those 9.

The reason this is such bad news is that once you contract Hepatitis B, it can either leave your bloodstream and you develop an immunity. Or after 6 months, if it hasn't left your system, you'll be diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis B, and you can suffer severe liver damage.

So what does this mean? You probably shouldn't be rolling around on a mat half-naked with someone who you know has hepatitis B.

Seriously though, this brings new meaning to going to gyms, sharing equipment, or borrowing a used yoga or Pilates mat. Whenever possible, wipe off machines and equipment (like free weights). Most gyms have the policy to wipe things off when you're done, but you know there are people who don't.

Fit's Tips: I keep a little bottle of Purell with me so I can kill any germs that come in contact with my hands. I try not to touch my face at all, and when I'm done working out, I immediately go to the bathroom and wash my hands and face. It's sad that we have to be hyper-careful, but you've got to do what you can to keep yourself safe and healthy. Your best bet is to get vaccinated against Hep B.

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