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Tabata Workout Mixing Squats and Push-Ups

Tabata Mashup Workout: Squats and Push-Ups

Get ready to work your arms and legs with our latest Class FitSugar. Level 1 CrossFit trainer Shirley Brown has created a simple and effective workout combining two classic moves: the squat and the push-up. And the workout only takes eight minutes!

Using the Tabata interval format, we will do 20 seconds of push-ups, followed by a 10-second rest period, then 20 seconds of squats, and another 10-second rest. Alternating between the two moves, you will do eight rounds of each exercise. Press play when you're ready to get your sweat on.

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Tabata is all the rage of the fitness world these days. The intense intervals are great for both cardio and strength training. Today, Shirley Brown from CrossFit L.A is going to lead us through a tabata mash-up combining two elements: squats and push-ups. The workout's intense so it's only going to be 8 minutes today. But before we get target. Shirley is gonna school us on these two moves. You're on your Tabata mash-up with Susie and CrossFit student Lindsey. So we've got two movements we're going to review before we start the workout. And the workout is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times, with the two movements. We're first going to review the squat. Make sure you guys have perfect alignment; as you fatigue things are going to change. So let's go ahead and review the squat. So when you set up squat, you want to get your feet directly under your shoulders, want to keep your chest up nice and tall, and a little bit of arch in your back. First thing that happens is your hips travel back think about shutting that car door. Sitting your butt down as low as you can and standing up to full extension. So, let's do a couple of more reps just to kinda warm up, so, all the way down all the way up, back down and all the way up. So, you guys both looked good. Knees out, chest up That's the basic squat, 20 seconds of it. All right, the next move we're going to do is a push-up, seemingly easy, pay change, so I'm going to have you guys start on the floor. You want to start with your hands directly under your shoulders, and your tailbone tucked under. Before we get set, There's variations that you can do. You can do these on your knees, or you can do them on your toes. Let's go ahead and show on the toes first. So hop up to your toes, you're going to create a straight line from your your shoulders all the way down to your ankles, and you are going to lower down, chest touching the floor and push all the way up. Butt squeeze you guys can go ahead and come down to your knees. If it's a little challenging like that, you can modify to your knees. So, same straight line, shoulders to your knees, belly's pulled tight by the squeeze, chest all the way down to the floor, and arms locked out to full extension. So, two variations that you can do you guys can come up for a second, we're actually gonna get going on this workout. Like I said, we're gonna do 20 second of push ups, 10 seconds of rest and then 20 seconds of squat, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times. All right. So, most importantly, keep your form: belly pulled in tight, keep your arms nice and locked out at the very top and we are ready to go. All right, ladies. So, we are starting and go! We are pushing all the way down, all the way up. So, my butt squeezed, bellies pulled in nice and tight. Beautiful, guys. All the way down, all the way up. Don't forget to breathe. Keep breathing, what? With 5 more seconds here guys, and we're going to transition and going to come on up here, we're coming up, we've got ten seconds rest and then we're going to switch to squats, so we've got 20 seconds of squats and we're beginning now, all the way down, all the way up. Keep it nice and easy. So, you're trying to work on intensity, and on moving quickly through this whole time. You've got 10 more seconds here. One down. Nice job guys. I can feel it working. This is round one, guys, so we have 7 more, it's good. And take a little breather. Bring it back down into push-up position. Because in about 5 seconds we're going for round number two. Arms under your shoulders, really feel them tight. And, go! Down and up, your butt squeezed all the way, nice job guys. Keep holding nice and tight. How are you doing there? Half wayay through this interval, my arms are burning. Keep going, five more seconds. Really squeeze your elbows in tight to take care of your shoulders. And, transition. Alright, this a ten seconds. Whoo. Shake it out. In about five seconds, we're going back into squats. Three, two, one, and squat. All the way down, all the way up. Nice job guys. Things easy first round. Maybe not as challenging as second round. And it gets few a bit more. I can feel my heart rate's already starting to climb a little bit. Yeah! Five more seconds here. These are awesome squatters. Two, one and relax. All right, back down to pushups. All right it's 10 seconds lined up. 3, 2, 1 and go. So, you wanna count your rounds. It's a good way to keep track of how hard you're working. Keep on going. We have ten seconds left. Push, squeeze those glutes. And rest. 10 seconds rest. All right guys. Setting up for squats starting in four seconds. Three, two, and squat. Nice job guys. Count this round. Two, three, four, five. Nice job. Six, seven. Stay with us guys. Eight, nine. Beautiful. Ten. 5 more seconds. 11, 12, 13, 14. Oh, guys we're done. Nice job guys. Alright guys, just finish our squats and we're starting round number 4 on our push ups, all right, all the way down, same good form, ready guys and go all right, just keep on pushing. Bellies pulled in tight. Look directly in between your hands. Got another 10 seconds here, so we're halfway through. Killer. Keep on going. All right, and transition, back up to squats, this is round number four of squats. The feet directly on your shoulders and we are going in one, let's go and squat. So Shirley should I see my toes when I am squatting? Yes, you wanna to keep your toes really visible. It's not your knees are pointing too far forward. Okay. It's a good tip. Alright guys keep on squatting. If you're keeping track, keep track of how many squats you're doing. Just like last time, you want to try to beat your score. We've got two more seconds here. And take a little break. Back to pushups. All right. All right guys, starting in 5 seconds you're going. Round number 5. Two, one, and go! I find really helpful with a push-up to spread my fingers wide as I start to tire, that makes it easier. That's a good idea. Definitely good idea. Alright, getting tired? Yeah. Two, one, and switch we are going up two squats again. Alright, and we're starting five seconds, okay. And, go, squat. All right. Toes are visible. Thanks to Lindsay's check here. I really find myself running around at Hoover as I get tired. It's true, when you're tired, you want to kind of slouch and you want to think of arching your back, chest up nice and tall, driving through your heals you want to keep the majority of weight. We are done, ladies. We got done with that one. Done with that one. Bonus! Back down to your knees. We are starting again in one. All right, back down. So, it doesn't really matter if you keep your toes off the floor or your toes on the floor, as far as with your knees then as long as you keep a straight line and shoulders to your knees. Which one is easier? I don't think we can manage. All weak and tired. Alright . Back up. Alright, alright. Get into that first squat again. Here we go. Two, one, and squat. Let's go. Down and up. Full range of motion guys. I know. I find myself cheating a little bit. Don't do it. It's not worth it. Get down. Get down. I'd rather see you do fewer full range motions squats than partial squat. Like partially in motion. Yup, you guys are almost done with squats, 3 more seconds left. 2 and Stop. Nice job, guys. We're gonna transition back to the push-ups. It's round number seven, starting now, down to the floor. Two more. Second to last set of push-ups in one round. Alright guys, let's go. Down and up. Alright. I know you're getting tired. Don't let those elbows flare out to the side. Okay, pushing. Alright guys we are almost there. Like these two with us out there? Alright now, second class back up, back up for squats, guys. Alright, let me get five seconds. I feel like a break after the push-ups. Yeah. I agree. And we are going. Let's count these squats. One, two. How many we can get in. Three. Nice job. Four. Remember to go low. Five, six. Nice job, Lindsay. Seven, eight. Cool. Let's go, guys. Nine. Ten. Beautiful, 5 more seconds. 11, 12, 13, 14. Done, done, done. Okay, we have one round, let's go, one round left. Down to your knees. This is it! Do it! Last and final round guys. Starting with two, one and go. One, see how many we get, two. Three. Four. Five. Keep me tucked in, elbows right by your side. Six. Seven. Eight. It's good for shoulderMine are burning too. Keep going. 13. Alright, last set of squats, up on your feet, shake out your arms. Last set. Okay. How many squats did you get last time? 15. 15, okay. Let's beat it! Two, one, and go! One, two. Good. Three, four. All we've got to do is beat 15. Five/ We can do it. Come on. Six, come on. Seven, eight, nine, ten. Almost there. Eleven . Keep squating guys. Twelve. Come on. Thirteen. Let's go. Fourteen. Oh, yeah. Fifteen. One more. Yeah. Alright guys, that was a great workout! You guys were awesome totally awesome. My arms and legs feel totally shot just like they should after a good Tabata Mash-up workout. Thank you so much, Shirley. Thank you, you were awesome. Thank you. See you next time on Class FitSugar.

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dayana10 dayana10 2 years
love this, I do this after my run.
dayana10 dayana10 2 years
awesome love this
Paul14946870 Paul14946870 2 years
I've done at least three different variation of tabata and I have to agree with the opening comments, it is good for strength training and does give a great workout. I would have to say I am a fan.
taylor-ryan-fit taylor-ryan-fit 3 years
I love tabata! it's a regular piece of my boot camp workouts.
Pursy Pursy 3 years
Wow. I thought my arms were strong  but this workout humbled me! Thanks. 
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