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Taco Bell's Drive Thru Diet

Is Taco Bell's Christine the New Jared?

Taco Bell has repackaged its "fresco-style" menu — which has been around since 2003 — as the new "Drive-Thru Diet." The new ad campaign touts the company's "healthier" menu, featuring items that contain nine grams of fat or less. And in a move that mimics the Subway/Jared pairing, Taco Bell has a newly slimmed spokesperson touting the benefits of the Drive-Thru Diet. Enter Christine Dougherty, an attractive young lady pushing the diet alongside her success story of losing 54 pounds in two years.

To see the commercial,


Unfortunately, the commercials are a bit misleading. If you read the many disclaimers on the Taco Bell site and the lack of details surrounding Christine's story, it becomes clear that it's not really a diet at all — at least not one that can solely account for her weight loss. Christine claims that she lost the weight by cutting her daily calorie intake by 500 calories and other "sensible choices." Here's the thing, the fresco-style menu isn't that different than its regular menu, calorie-wise. Instead of that small sprinkling of cheese, you get salsa, which saves you roughly 75 calories or so per item.

Unlike Jared Fogle, the man behind the Subway diet, Christine never comes out and says she ate nothing but Taco Bell's fresco-style menu. If anything, she maybe chose a fresco item over a regular menu item when she had a hankering for fast food. I'm thinking it was these "sensible choices" that she made, which helped her drop the weight — keep that in mind before you run out to Taco Bell and subsist on nothing but its burritos and chimichangas.

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