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Take a Vacation Already

Have you taken a vacation lately? Americans receive, on the average, only 14 annual vacation days contrasted with 24 days in Great Britain, 26 days in Germany, 30 days in Spain and 36 days in France. Yet, on the average, Americans only take 12 days and that just makes me sad. If you earned those days why not take them. In fact taking a vacation is good for your physical as well as your mental/emotional health.

Most jobs mean stress, and stress is just not good for your health. Stress produces physiological changes in your bodies, including higher blood pressure and a surge in stress hormones, such as adrenaline, which can cause blood to clot and increase the risk of a heart attack. Convinced yet?

It's not clear whether vacations cause better health or whether they are just an indicator of healthier lifestyles. But taking time off does appear to have physical and mental benefits according to recent studies. Women who vacation frequently are less likely to become tense or depressed. Now are you convinced?

So go ahead, take a vacation already. Do it for your heart.


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