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Taking Vitamins May Shorten Your Life?

It seems that doctors, chiropractor and other health professionals are always encouraging folks to take a daily vitamin. If you're a person who downs a bunch of pills with her morning cup of coffee or OJ every morning, then you may be surprised to hear this horrible news — research shows that people who take antioxidant supplements, including vitamins A and E, may be unknowingly shortening their lives. Ironically quite the opposite of what they are hoping to do. In this Danish review of 67 studies done on 230,000 healthy men and women, the team of scientists found no evidence that taking antioxidant supplements had any positive effect on preventing diseases such as cancer. Actually, some supplements may even increase susceptibility of getting sick and dying sooner.

Wait, I thought antioxidants were good for you. If you're confused too, then


Yes, it's true. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, beta carotene and selenium, are considered essential for our health, because they support the immune system and help rid the body of free radicals that can possibly lead to disease. Many of us already get the recommended amount or these vitamins and minerals each day in the food they eat, and there's no scientific data that says that more is better. Plus, people aren't exactly sure about dosage amounts when it comes to vitamins. The RDI of vitamin C is about 75mg, but you can buy tablets of 1,000 mg. Taking a huge amount of any vitamin all at once could throw your system off balance.

Of course there are scientists who don't agree with these studies, and feel that there is some merit to taking a daily vitamin. For those not getting enough from their diets, vitamins could help to promote overall health.

So what's your opinion on taking supplements? Do you take vitamins everyday, or do you feel it's not necessary?


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