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Terry Shorter From R.I.P.P.E.D.'s 10-Minute Full-Body Workout

Get R.I.P.P.E.D. in Just 10 Minutes With This Total-Body Workout!

If you have 10 minutes to spare, then this is the workout for you. It's so fun, you won't realize how hard you're working. Terry Shorter, founder of the R.I.P.P.E.D. training method, leads you through a varied workout that mixes classic strength-training moves with plyometrics and martial arts. Press play, and get ready to sweat.

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Today I'm here with Terry Schroeder, half of the husband and wife team that created RIPPED, and today he's going to lead us through a full body workout. And you're going to need a set of light hand weight for this one. All right PopSugar mamas and papas, we've got Susie and we've got Jenny here ready to rock 'n' roll with RIPPED, the RIPPED Express workout, which is Resistance, Intervals, Power Ply metrics, Endurance and we have Died as well. But we're gonna start with resistance, focusing on biceps, triceps and shoulders. So you guys ready for this? Yes. Awesome. So we're gonna start with biceps with a reverse lunge where we're gonna step back and curl straight up, making sure that those elbows are nice and tight and squeezing at the top and then we're bringing it back to start position. So let's take it back again. Perfect. Into the top. Beautiful. Looking good, gang. So what you wanna do is make sure that your front knee does not pass that toe and that back knee also is at 90 degrees, that's really really important. But what's also key is squeezing that bicep curl at the top. Alright. How you guys feeling so far? Great. Good. Good. Awesome. So five more, and then you're gonna wrap the biceps up and then we're gonna move on to some tricep work. Right. Last one. Are you guys ready for this last one? Yeah. Beautiful! Great! So there's your biceps, but now we're gonna move on to some triceps work. Triceps kickbacks, your feet are about hip to shoulder width apart. Knees are soft. You wanna get a nice hinge at the hips so you've got a nice angle with the back, making sure you've got perfect alignment from the top of your skull to the base of your spine. The weights come up right there to your hips so you'll start here and end here. 15, let's go. Kick them back, good. And just like those bicep curls you wanna make sure that you are squeezing there at the top. You feel that squeeze there, Susan? Yes. Yeah. Good. The back of my arm is working. There you go. So squeeze at the top. Work that tricep for five more. Four, well done. Couple more, two, last one, beautiful. All right. So we're gonna bring that reverse lunge back into the picture, but we're gonna be doing shoulder raises. Maintining a 90 degree angle here and making sure we maintain those 90 degrees at the knees. Are you guys ready for this? Yes. Let's step it back. lateral raise, focusing on those shoulders. So you've done biceps and triceps so far, and with these shoulders, this just rounds out this Package and make sure that you've got those lean sexy muscles going on. How's that feeling, Jenny? Excellent. Awesome. So we incorporate these lunges as well to increase the caloric burn. Okay, so we burn that fat? Mm-hm. Got three more, two more, last one, make it count. Ow. Great job. That's resistance. Let's move to intervals and let's get rid of the weights. Okay. You guys ready? Awesome. So with the interval section, we're going to alternate between low intensity and high intensity exercises, really focusing on your cardiovascular improvement. So let's start by getting those feet so they're about hip width apart, knees are soft, and pretend you've got a jump rope in your hands just like way back when you were a kid, okay? So start turning the rope and then get those heels going, okay? So On a scale of one to ten, one being easy, ten being difficult, we're at about a five right now. This is an active recovery. Then we start ramping the intensity level up by increasing getting those knees up, okay? So the intensity's raising. Perfect. Just for a few more. And then what's gonna happen, we're gonna do a burst. You guys ready for the burst? Let's do it. For fast knees, and really turn that rope. Really. Let's turn it up. Good. Quick feet. High knees. Good. Just a few more seconds. Four, three, two, and recover. Back to the start position, active recovery. You guys look good! Great. I love it, I love it, so just a few more seconds for active recovery. You guys ready to ramp it up? Two, one, high knees, take it up, good. So get those knees nice and high while you're still maintaining that rope. Turning that rope, we got five seconds, four, three, let's step it, you guys ready? Yeah. Let's go. Burst it, burst it, burst it! Go, give me everything you got. Give me everything you got. Good job. Four, three, two, last recovery, last recovery. Catch your breath. Let that heart rate just gradually come back down. Beautiful. And then we're gonna ramp it back up for the last time. Okay. Give it to me. Yes. Let's go. A little high knees, good high knees, beautiful. Just hold in this for about ten seconds, and then our last coming in about five, four, three, two, go! Last week of camp, let's go. There's the finish line. Can you guys see it? Yeah. Keep it going three, two, one, boom. Yeah! Nice work. That's Intervals. Well done. So let's move on to power. So with power chest, back, legs, gluts, the big muscle groups, which means a big caloric burn. We're gonna do what are called Brazilian burpees. You guys ready to go? Yes. Awesome. going to take it down to the ground, kick it back, one push-up, your right foot kicks, other side kicks, back to center and to the top. Now keep in mind that Jenny's doing a modified version, so if you wanna do this, this is all you. So let's go pull up. Ten more. Take it down one push-up, kick it, good. kick it. to the top. good take it down again. one push-up. Kick it. Kick it. Back to the top. Good job. Same thing, guys. Good. Push up. Kick it. Good. So again, she's just bringing knee across, and not doing a full push-up, she's holding the plank. Kick it. Good job. You guys looking good. Back to the top, couple more. Take it down, kick it back, push up. Kick it through. You guys feeling that in the core? Yeah. Awesome, take it down. So, you're feeling them to the legs, the chest, the core. The waist. The waist. Everywhere. We need two more, two more. This is it, guys. Push up, kick it through. Boom. Kick it through. Boom. Back to the top. Last one, make it count. Awesome work. Here we go. Kick it. Kick it and breathe. Back to the top. Yes. All right. We did it. Awesome work. We go to plyometrics metrics, the second key to R.I.P.P.E.D., and this is called clog hops. You want to get in, in what's called sports dance. Pretend you're playing football, baseball, basketball and get ready to move that weight to the balls of your feet. You're gonna step up to front, back to center, take it to the side, take it back, back to center and to the other side and then you load and explode. And then again, load, explode. So you're gonna give us five of those. You guys ready for that? Let's do this. Take it up. Back to center. Side. Take it back. Stay nice and low in sports. You want to make sure you've got a low center of gravity. Up. There's one. Take it up, up. To the side. Take it back. Well done. Again, looking good. To the side. Now load, explode. Load, explode, load, take it up again. So you can either go to the balls of your feet on that explosion or you can leave the ground. It's up to you. So make it yours. Load, explode. So here's the ball to your feet. Good job. Take it up. Last one slow. Good. Do it to the side. Now take it back. Take it low. Good. Now load, explode. Load, explode, load, explode. So that's the slow version. Now we're ready to tune it up a little bit. Okay. Here we go. Ready for clog hops. Yeah. Go. Hop to the side, take it back. Load, explode. Load, take it up. Load. Again. Hop front. This is fun. Yeah Load, explode. Load, up. Good. Only three more. Pick it up. Now your knees are nice and soft. Good. Keep it athletic. Good. Block that ball. Good. Take it up, good. Load explode. Last one. Good job. One more fit. Load, explode. Load, explode, load, explode, awesome. Wow. That's the second key for plyometrics. Awesome, great job so far gang. So this is the E in R.I.P.P.E.D., for endurance. And with endurance we'll focus on not just physical focus and endurance, but also mental as well, so this this particular section we incorporate mixed martial arts movements, punches, kicks, knees, elbows. But this section we're gonna be doing some kicks today. We're doing what are check kicks to roundhouse kicks. So the setup, basically you want to make sure that one leg, this leg is going to basically be your planting leg. Your heel's gonna be facing towards the nine o'clock or in this direction. Okay, that's really key. The heel's facing this direction and then your action leg, the knee is going to face that same direction as that heel, and you're going to slap. This is called a check, nice and low, towards an ankle your opponent, or a knee perhaps, then you're going to chamber back in and take that leg a little higher, and then kick, chamber, down. So balance is a real key factor here. So this is a great exercise to do to focus on that balance an also flexibility as well. So let's do a series of ten of those. You guys ready to go? Yep. Okay, here we go. Great. So, guards up, let's take it up. So, chamber check, chamber round, chamber down, again. Good job. Chamber check, chamber round, chamber down. Good job. Well done. check, chamber round, chamber down. Keep it going. You got it. Chamber check, chamber round, chamber down. Few more. You got five more. chamber check, round, down. Keep it going. Chamber check, round down. couple more. chamber check. round. down, last one. chamber check. round down, other side. All right. Just ten more and this is it. So don't worry about the height, just focus on keeping that balance. So, chamber, check, round, down again Chamber check, round, down. Well done. Chamber check, round, down. Keep that balance. Well done. Chamber check, round, down. Four more. Chamber check, round, down. And if you fall, that's okay. That's what life's about. It's about getting back up, all right? Good job. Last one. Chamber check, round, down. You did it. Well done. Good job, guys. Wow, that was mental. I mean, I really That 's endurance. Terry, that was great. I'm wondering what the D stands for in the R.I.P.P.E.D. acronym? Great question, Susie. The D is for diet and nutrition, and it's real key to make sure that you have a proper diet and nutrition with proper balance in carbs, proteins, fats as well, and plenty of hydration. All right. Well, thanks for the workout, that was great. Thank you. Catch you next time on FitSugar TV.

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Am I the only one having problems with the fitsugar videos this past week? They just keep buffering and won't play.
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Loving this total body workout video!
Glen2671102 Glen2671102 3 years
Loving this total body workout video!
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