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Tips on Cutting Calories

Your Tips on Cutting Calories

If getting fit in 2010 and finally losing weight is one of your goals, getting portions under control and learning tricks for cutting calories are great ways to make that happen. Here are some of your tips on how to lower your calorie intake.

  • "Don't drink calories (except milk in cereal)." — pixystik4u
  • "Spritz olive oil spray instead of drizzling while I am cooking." — frenchys
  • An anonymous reader said, "Dip your fork in salad dressing with each bite instead of pouring the dressing on. It makes each bite more flavorful and you end up using much less."
  • "Replace half of every meal portion with salad leaves — whatever it was that you were going to eat, halve your portion, then fill up the plate with baby leaf spinach, or lettuce, anything that is raw, and has no dressing." — ticamorena
  • Zulkey says, "I try to add low-calorie foods to my high calorie food to bulk it up. Like I made a sausage/bean/crouton/asparagus dish from Smitten Kitchen but put it on a bed of spinach. Other than that, I just try to reduce the amount of butter/oil in a recipe so I still get flavor but save about a hundred calories."
  • "Keeping up with what you eat in a food journal helps so you can track any extra calories you're taking in. And a big thing that helps me is to try to eat slower. I tend to inhale my food, but if I take time to eat it, I realize I'm full faster." — katyharper

For more of your great tips, keep reading.

  • "When we go out for veggie burgers, I eat them with just mustard, and one bun. I try to avoid a ton of bread filler. One of my favorite low-cal snacks is fat free Fage yogurt with a bit of onion soup mix in it. I use it as a veggie dip. It has the protein and nutrients I need, esp being a vegetarian." — filmgirl81
  • imLissy says, "I chew sugar-free gum after meals when I crave something sweet instead of eating candy or cookies."
  • "When you feel like snacking on something that you know is bad for you, get up and go for a walk. If you're not hungry, and it's out of boredom, the walk should distract you." — tuliprush
  • "First off, I measure stuff. That's the best way to really control your portions. I have a kitchen scale handy for meats and use my measuring cups and spoons as scoops. Honestly, my cooking tastes better if I measure properly. Beyond that, having a cup of veggie soup or light salad helps fill out meals so they're more satisfying. And I always try to fill up on high protein and high fiber foods; they keep you feeling full longer." — thatgirljj
  • Autumns_Elegy recommends "Balsamic vinegar instead of salad dressing, and only a very light splash."
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