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Tips to Get Started With Strength Training

Get Fit For 2012: How to Start Strength Training

It's a new year, and we think you should ring in 2012 with some dumbbells! Yes, it's time to start strength training. And to help, we asked FITiST celeb trainer Adam Ernster to teach us a bit about the basics of building muscle. Watch and learn, not only how to safely start a strength training routine, but three moves to incorporate into your sweat session: squats, push-ups, and rows.

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If you haven't been to the gym in a while, or just starting out, it can be hard to know where to begin. Celebrity trainer Adam Ernster is here to share a few tips and three basic moves to motivated you to start strength training. The best way to start a workout is to warm up some way. If you're at a gym, that's going to be on a treadmill or an elliptical. If you're at home, that would be jumping rope or running in place. Stretching is not a warm up. That's a great way to get hurt. You don't want to stretch cold. So that would be something that you would at the end of the workout. In any workout, you wanna make sure that you're doing upper and lower body exercises combined. That would be like going from a squat right into push-ups. Right, because you're increasing your heart rate, while building strength. You're using upper muscles and lower muscles, so your heart has to move more blood. So the basic multi-joint lower body exercises, the squat, all the other exercise those variations of it. And I'll let them show you how to do it. You want your feet hip distance apart. You want to make sure that your knees are aligned with your toes. Their never going beyond on them and you're never going outside of them. Ok? Now, all you're thinking about doing is sticking you're butt back and bringing you're butt forward, keeping the weight on your heels all the time. So as you go down, you have to keep shifting your weight, keeping that nice arch in your spine, keeping the tension in your butt. You don't wanna just feel this in your knees and your quads, okay? So now we're gonna do a push-up. Your hands are gonna be about a little bit wider than shoulder width, keeping it nice and straight, palms down. Beginners can do it on their knees like this, and think, keeping your elbows out to the side. Don't let your elbows drop, you wanna engage the chest, not just the shoulder, okay? Up and down, keep that nice this curve in her back seat, add your plate. Nothing's changing here at all. So, if you'r looking in the mirror, you're looking to see make sure this angle stays the same. Now a lot of beginners start out thinking that you need to your back. I play one muscle and do a bicep curl, for example. Why is a multi joint movement more effective? You're going to work the bicep in those smaller muscles when you're doing a larger exercise, like a row versus a curl. so you're burning more calories, because you're using more muscle. You're getting more work done, which is more efficient in a less amount of time, plus you're getting your heart rate up higher. So one of my favorite multi-joint exercises is the Basically, you're gonna wanna hinge forward at the waist, right? Keep that curve in your back. You don't want to round out. The further over you go, the more you're gonna feel the weight, the more gravity's gonna affect it, bend the knees a little bit, and then think pulling straight back, and you really want to think about feeling these muscles. It's tough to engage the back. If you want to feel it, think about feeling it the whole time you're doing it, and when you go down, don't relax. When we say multi-joints, we're working here, obviously, the shoulder, right, and the elbow. So you're getting back and bicep in one exercise. So the bottom line is we want you to keep showing up. Stick to the program you pick. Keep mixing it up so your body doesn't get used to it and you don't bored. Those are great tips. Thanks so much. See you next time on FitSugarTV.

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