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Tips To Keep With Your 2008 Execise Resolution

Make That Fit Resolution Stick

The number one resolution of 2008, hand picked by you guys, was to exercise more. In case you're looking to finally keep with an exercise routine this year, here are some basic tips for sticking with it:

  • Before you start a program, explore your options. Select something you'll enjoy, which will improve the chances that you'll stick with it.
  • Start slowly. If you go too hard at first, you can become sore and may be discouraged from continuing with your fitness program.

There are more tips so


  • Set specific short- and long-term goals for advancing your exercise program.
  • Make a list of what you expect to gain from your fitness program, such as losing a certain number of pounds. Keep your expectations realistic, or you may be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.
  • If you plan on joining a fitness club/facility, carefully check out the atmosphere, amenities, equipment, programs and staff.
  • Follow a well-rounded program that includes warm-up, flexibility, cardio, resistance and cool-down.
  • Reward yourself when you achieve your goals. It should be something that feeds your spirit but not necessarily food or an expensive purchase.


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