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Tips For Preventing Blisters

Blister Prevention Tips From FitSugar Readers

Blisters can be a real pain in your heel. They can certainly put a damper on your fitness routine. Many of you recently shared some great tips for avoiding this painful side effect of running and I wanted to pass them along. Check out these tips:

  • "I find proper socks and the right pair of trainers makes all the difference." — mandiesoh
  • "I use Body Glide. It comes in a deodorant-like stick. It is clear, odorless and works like a charm. It also works for under arm chafing or sports bra chafing. I use it for my running shoes and my cute shoes. It is great to put on your usual 'hot spots' when you get a new pair of heels to break in. I keep a mini one in my purse just in case my shoes start to bother me during the day." — econinsf
  • "I have had the worst time with blisters, but recently I found seamless running socks online that wick away moisture and are seam-free. I haven't had a blister since I started wearing them!" — res54682

There are tons more great tips, so keep reading.

  • Josh C. says, "I use a combination of band-aids for trouble spots and moisture-wicking socks."
  • Anonymous user yse says, "Vaseline: the poor man's Body Glide. I always rub a small amount in between/under/on the sides of my toes before long runs (before socks, of course)."
  • "Band-aid Blister Block is nice to prevent blisters, and also use if you're breaking in a pair of shoes, or going on five-hour walks while traveling. Also be careful if you run a lot and get a pedicure. You don't want to take off too much of your callouses in the name of beauty, because those protect your feet against blisters." — taylvs3
  • "I've cut off the feet from pantyhose and layered them under my socks. It definitely cuts down on the chafing." — insanitypepper
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peterchast peterchast 4 years
I use Tape Relief ( as prevention. Just put it on trouble spots and it totally blocks friction from affecting your skin!
fizzymartini fizzymartini 6 years
Benheld - I would recommend Wright Socks. They're double layered and moisture-wicking; I have 3 pairs and they're pretty fantastic.
benheld benheld 6 years
What are some good brand socks out there? I definitely have problems with running blisters....
Carl-Morgan Carl-Morgan 6 years
I've found that rubbing vaseline over my feet before I go running stops blisters. The real test of this will be next year though when I run a marathon!
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