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Get the Bod: Katie Holmes

Last year, Katie Holmes worked out on her birthday. The actress is a huge fan of spinning, and to celebrate her b-day, we're bringing you tips from her her spin instructor, Audrey Adler. Learn three moves Audrey using a stationary bike to tone your legs and bum. This video is full of great tips to help you maximize your indoor cycling workout and take it to the next level. Bike on!

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if you've been wondering how Katie Holmes gets that lifted booty, it's spin class. Turns out, she's a huge fan, so we've brought in her spin instructor and endurance cyclist, Audrey Addler, who's going to show us three moves you can do in spin class or at home to get that toned backside. Join FitSugar, as we go one on one with celebrity trainers, as they show us how to get the bod of their famous clients. Katie's always on the go. She's juggling so much. How does she fit in indoor cycling? I mean does she bring Suri in and plop her on her lap for extra weight resistance? That's funny. Like any working mom, Katie is extremely busy and extremely dedicated to her family. In a few years Suri, will be cycling too, but in the mean time, Katie manages to bring her whole family in to cycle with her. This is what I call my haul till you hurl move. Its a signature move also known as a seated climb. After ten to fifteen minutes of moderate riding, you want to get into a climbing position, hands in the center, adding enough resistance to bring your feet and your legs down to an RPM of about 55. RPMs, that's hard to track, sometimes in the middle of a climb or a tough cycling move, what's your tip on that? All you need is some fun music, if it's a fast paced piece, or a really dancey move, you may want to cut it in half. So, if it's a pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, pa, you might want to go pa, pa, pa, pa. Create more resistance right here so that you're feeling taxed. When you get to that point, hold that for three minutes. Back off, take a minute break and go back to it. Repeat 5 times. I call this move the stand and deliver. That's because, once you're off the saddle, your body weight's forward, you can give it your all. Stand and deliver. Beautiful. Bring your hands out to to the bars, look straight ahead. Nice form there. Isolate your lower body, so that you don't have as much bounce and accelerate your pace a tiny bit. Beautiful. And a little bit quicker, and a little bit quicker than that. Beautiful. 15 seconds on, Boom, you're down. 30 seconds off. This is one of my favorite moves, since your using your full lower body. What are some common mistakes people make? The most common mistakes, see, is bringing your body too far forward. When you're in a forward position, your knee is going to project way far forward in front of your toes. That creates stress on the knee cap. My third signature move is feline fury. Elbows relaxed, spine round, slide your butt slightly forward on the saddle, with a lighter resistance begin to accelerate at lightning speed. Go! That move creates it,s the ability to extend your workout for longer periods of time, incinerating whatever body fat you may have left. I also feel the burn in my legs and even in my my chest and arms and core. You're really working your whole body. Audrey, thanks for sharing your moves with us today. Your so welcome Kay. See you next time of FitSugarTV.

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katie225 katie225 4 years
i'm a spin instructor, and i agree with many of these tips. i'll add my own: when you're out of the saddle, move your butt back over the seat and hover above it. cycle normally, but feel your butt tap the seat. this is mimicking the squatting position but on a bike. you'll feel your glutes BURN! plus, it'll keep your knees nice and soft (i.e., never fully extended) to avoid knee injuries. i also love love love intervals on a bike, and you can do intervals using a ton of resistance going slow or not very much and going fast because it's all about your breathing and heart rate. an important safety tip that the instructor here left out is that you shouldn't go faster than 115-ish RPMs because after that point your calorie burn drops significantly (no resistance = no burn) and your chance of injury increases significantly.
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