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Tone Your Legs While Brushing Your Teeth

Squeeze in Fitness: Squat While Brushing Your Teeth

I try to make the most of my time, so I squeeze a few minutes of exercise in here and there whenever I think of it. I do push-ups on the counter before I brush my teeth, and while I'm brushing them, I do squats. It's amazing how doing two minutes straight of different variations of squats has really strengthened my quads and booty. I do regular squats with my feet together, squats with my feet hip-distance apart, and squats with my legs wide. I also do one-legged squats holding my knee up, squat lunges, and throw in some balancing side leg-lift squats as well. The next time you brush your teeth, blow-dry your hair, or are chatting on the phone, use those few minutes wisely and get squatting!

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