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This Valentine's Day, Send Organic Flowers

This Valentine's Day, Send Organic Flowers

Valentine's Day is a time to let someone know you appreciate them by giving cards and candy, but I like to give flowers since they're calorie-free, and smelling the sweet scents can help relieve stress. Whether you send some to your lover, your best friend, or your mother, you can help do something good for the planet too by sending organic flowers. Whenever you or the lucky receiver touches or inhales these blooms, you don't have to worry about coming into contact with poisonous chemicals. Also, if growers use toxic pesticides and fertilizers, it leaches into the soil and evaporates into the atmosphere. Then it makes its way to you through the food that's grown or rain that falls. It's a terrible and unhealthy cycle.

So this holiday, order organic flowers from Not only are they VeriFlora certified, which means they are grown with the least environmental impact, but they're also wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. A dozen organic long stem roses costs about $50, which is only $10 more than conventional ones. It's worth it knowing you're supporting earth-friendly practices, and the receiver will appreciate it too.

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