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Valerie Bertinelli on the Cover of Health Magazine

Valerie Bertinelli Covers Health and Weight Loss

Valerie Bertinelli is certainly serious about weight loss. After losing 50 pounds using the Jenny Craig plan, she became a spokeswoman for the company, has written two books about weight loss, and even created her own fitness DVD. Now on the cover of Health magazine, Val talks openly about her daily struggles with food cravings and the secrets to maintaining her 128-pound figure. When asked what inspired her to lose weight, Valerie said that when she saw herself in the movie she made three years ago called Claire, she thought,

"Oh my goodness, who is that ugly, old, fat woman? . . . And that just made me feel terrible. And ashamed. And I was tired of feeling ashamed. I started to visualize myself, what I knew I could look like — and I didn’t want to look like that person on the screen. So I started to picture what I knew I could look like as a healthy, vibrant woman. A couple of months later, Jenny Craig called.

Want to know what tricks she uses to stay slim? Then


Valerie admitted that losing weight is easy, it's maintaining the weight loss that's difficult. Her secret is to be healthy most days. I completely agree when she said,

"We can take days to relax and we can have our splurge days, but if we want to treat our bodies well, we have to stay vigilant. It sucks [laughs]. But I’d rather be vigilant now than go through what I’ve been going through my entire life."

This slimmed down actress feels that avoiding foods you crave isn't the answer because it makes you want them so much that you gorge, which leads to gaining weight. I really respect Valerie because she has such a healthy outlook. When asked "What's better, looking good or feeling good?" the brunette replied, "Feeling good, without a doubt. When I feel good, I look better, because it shows from within."

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