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Vegan Egg Salad Recipe

Eggless "Egg" Salad For a Vegan Easter

We love egg salad, but that doesn't mean we don't experiment with vegan versions of this classic comfort food. Skip the hard-boiling and try this variation featuring protein-rich tofu. Learn the recipe when you press play.

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if your craving a high protein vegetarian snack one of my favorite go-to dishes for spring is egg salad. And with this vegan cholesterol free recipe that i'm about to show you. You're not skimping on taste but you're also staying healthy. Let's get chopping. Here's what you'll need. One block firm, organic tofu, drained. Half a stalk celery diced. One fourth cup chopped scallions or chives. One third cup sweet relish. One third cup eggless mayonnaise. Use vegenaise for a vegan version. one tablespoon dijon mustard, half teaspoon apple cider vinegar, quarter teaspoon ground cumin, quarter teaspoon ground turmeric, kosher salt, and pepper to taste. A dash of paprika for garnish. So you've bought your organic firm tofu. You've rinsed it. Now you need to lay it out on a clean paper towel and let the water drain, this is a very important part of the recipe, if you have to much water in the tofu when your making the salad it can get a little too runny. crumble in the tofu. High protein tofu has a lot of iron and calcium. Great source of vegetarian protein. Beautiful. Perfect. It doesn't have to be too mushy either. So now we're gonna add in a celery. And this adds a perfect amount of crunch to tofu, which can be a little bit of a mushy consistency, and you really want to mix this in well. So next up we've got these beautiful scallions. I like to cut them up nice and fine with a little relish. I love relish. Adds a little bit of a tart sweet flavor. Just wanna mix that up a little bit before you add our binding ingredient. So we're now onto the vegenaise. Got this nice mayo consistency. It's actually made out of soy milk, so you're skipping the ingredients of a traditional mayo, keeping it cholesterol free and vegan. Next we have the Dijon mustard I like to use dijon 'cause it has a little kick in it. You can also use yellow mustard if dijon is too strong for you. But this adds a lot of flavor without the added calories. And then apple cider vinegar for acidity. You can also use lemon if you prefer. I certainly like the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. It has some digestive enzymes. It's clarifying. So onto our spices. I'm gonna add some cumin, and this is an amazing spice, has a ton of anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial benefits. Then we've got our turmeric, which aside from its antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties, it's also highly anti-inflammatory, and it'll add your orange yellowy color, which you traditionally get from the yolk. Now for the kosher salts. I love using kosher salts. It's just a pure salt, doesn't have the iodine of the other sort of table salt variety. Now for a little ground pepper. Nothing beats fresh ground. Perfect. For the serve, you can enjoy this as a low carb option on a bed of lettuce or you can enjoy on your favorite bread and sandwich That is so delicious. So there you have it, an eggless egg salad with no cholesterol but still with a lot of flavor. Let me know what you think in the comments. I am gonna go finish this. See you next time on Fit Sugar TV.

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Great recipe. Looking for new plant based ideas for my new lifestyle this is awesome - thanks. To the negative people here why are you watching a vegan recipe video?
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iodine is essential for good thyroid function!
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