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Venus and Mars: We Even Diet Differently

I don't need to tell you that men and women do things differently in almost everything they do, even dieting. It's the age old tale: You say, "Tomato." He says, "Does that come fried?"

Funny but true (at least in my house), so here are the differences in more detail:

Women: Swimsuit season, weddings, family and class reunions, holiday parties and other events that put them in the spotlight.
Men: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated blood lipids, sleep apnea and back or joint pain
Estimating weight status-
Women: Quick to realize she's overweight
Men: Usually underestimate amount of weight he needs to lose
Weight-loss vernacular-
Women: "Diet"
Men: "Get in shape"
History of dieting-
Women: Lots, a variety of approaches and failures
Men: Not much, so more confident of success
Knowledge about dieting-
Women: Knowledgeable about nutrition, diet and weight-loss news
Men: Lacks basic knowledge about science of food and weight loss
Women: Beneficial to weight loss, but avoidable
Men: Expected component of weight-loss success
Overall approach to weight loss-
Women: Quick to initiate, but prone to stop and start
Men: Serious, disciplined, structured

Noticed anymore differences between men and women and the way we approach dieting and exercise? Share them below.


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