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Wake the Sleepwalker?

We have all heard tales involving sleepwalking; some are spooky and some are silly. We are fascinated by stories of sleepwalking because they are so out of the ordinary, like fodder for a bizarre plot twist in a soap opera.

Although most cases of sleepwalking occur in children younger than 15, sleepwalking afflicts adults too. It has been used as a line of defense in modern murder cases.

There are many factors that can contribute to sleepwalking, like keeping a chaotic sleep schedule and alcohol consumption. Genetics also plays a role in a person's likelihood to sleepwalk, as well as stress. Stress of course can also contribute to sleep problems, and so can sleep deprivation.

To see if it is dangerous to wake a sleepwalker


The majority of us learned that waking a sleepwalker is dangerous and can cause the walker a heart attack or a psychotic break, but this is a myth. Since sleepwalking occurs during the deepest stage of sleep it may be difficult to wake the walker and they may become confused or disoriented. While it is best to lead the sleepwalker back to their bed, waking them is much less dangerous than letting them wander around in their sleep.

Do you sleepwalk? My youngest daughter does and it always freaks me out a little. Tell me about your sleepwalking incidents in the comments section below.


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