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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Plus Other Caffeinated News

Sometimes I feel a wee bit guilty that it is my love of coffee, and not my love for life or my children that gets me out of bed in the morning. It looks like I am not the only caffeinated mom out there since 65 percent of moms surveyed by the National Sleep Foundation admitted that they "used" caffeine to get through their days. There is a silver lining to drinking java on a regular basis, recent research out of Madrid suggests, but doesn't necessarily prove, that drinking two to three cups of coffee may help you live longer. Drinking a few cups a day was associated with an 18 percent reduction in death from all causes. It could be all those wonderful antioxidants found in the coffee bean.

Not that I need a reason to drink coffee; I love the taste. Based on recent research involving rats, simply smelling coffee jump starts the brain. The aroma of roasted Columbian coffee beans can help diminish the effects of sleep deprivation – it doesn't even need to be ground.

Do you know how long caffeine stays in your system? If not, then


A word of caution to all my caffeinated friends: Caffeine can interfere with sleep and a good night's rest is an important factor in the health equation. It takes about five hours to get rid of only half of the caffeine you've consumed. So if you're having trouble sleeping through the night, you should cut back on your caffeine consumption and then maybe you won't need so much of it during the day. Then again, you might just try sniffing the beans.


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