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Walking to Stay Trim? Aim For 100 Steps Per Minute

If you're walking to lose weight, a recent study says you need to walk at a quick pace of at least 100 steps per minute in order for it to be considered moderate intensity. A pedometer is a great tool to use when you're strolling along, since it tells you how many steps you've taken. You can also check it to make sure you're taking enough steps within a certain number of time in order to get your heart rate up. So in a 30-minute workout, you should take at least 3,000 steps. If this rate is too fast at first, start off doing 1,000 steps in 10 minutes before you build up to 30 minutes.


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esweet esweet 7 years
Not sure this depends on height...because if you set a treadmill for 3.5 or 4.0mph, it doesn't know how tall someone is and there is a set speed associated with that mph. I was going to ask the same thing - if we don't have a pedometer, approx. what speed on a treadmill would be 100 steps per minute?
insanitypepper insanitypepper 7 years
I think the speed would depend on the length of your stride. My husband's legs are ten inches longer than mine (!), so his 100 steps will take him a lot farther than my 100 steps in the same minute. At a pace of 100 steps/min with a 3-ft long stride you would cover 18,000 feet in an hour. That's 3.4 mph. With a 2.5-ft stride it's 2.84 mph. Not too fast.
syako syako 7 years
Do you know what that would be precisely in mph? (I'm thinking for the treadmill, would that be like a 3.5 mph?)
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