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Want to Lose Weight? Then Eat

People who are trying to lose weight are bound to have food on their minds. So scientists at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England, are going with that urge and working to develop foods that will make you feel full. They're hoping to create foods that will slow down the digestive system in order to naturally trigger the brain to suppress the appetite. From breads to yogurt, they'll be able to create foods that trick the brain into thinking you've eaten a ton when you really haven't. The idea here is to make dieting easier, and modified foods like these could hit the shelves within a few years.

Scientists all over the world are getting on board this appetite-controlling boat, and some are working on injections or implantable devices to help people feel full and lose weight. I'm all for putting an end to the obesity epidemic that continues to rise, but this idea seems a little deceptive. We all know that diets don't work and that healthy lifestyles complete with regular exercise and a nutritious, low-calorie diet are the way to go. If these modified foods switch off people's appetites and encourage them to eat a lot less, then what happens when they lose weight and go back to their regular eating habits? I'm also concerned about regulation of these foods. What if young girls or people suffering from eating disorders get a hold of them? Am I right to be skeptical, or do you think these appetite-suppressing foods are the next best thing for weight loss?


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