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Want Toned Abs? Don't Use Momentum

Want Toned Abs? Don't Use Momentum

Many of the women in my Pilates and yoga classes ask how they can get a trim and toned middle. Aside from doing cardio to reduce overall body fat, exercises that target the core muscles are key. Crunches on an exercise ball, Pilates 100s, the always challenging Bicycle Crunches, and Reverse Curls are all essential exercises when it comes to strengthening your abs.

One tip to keep in mind when doing these strength training moves is to move with control. You want to use your muscles, not momentum, to ensure that your abs are doing all the work. You can even pause slightly between reps to make sure you're not just rocking from one rep to another. Keep your abs contracted throughout the entire range of motion, and you'll feel the burn instantly that lets you know your hard work is paying off.

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